Sign Up for Guest Days

Note:  Registration Fees for Parties, Luncheons, or Guest Days are charged to your Mission Hills Club Account. The Event Portal Registration Form will contain information about the Fees.


Parties, Guest Days and Luncheons all require that you complete and submit an online registration form. You can access and fill out the form in one of two ways:


Access Registration Form Via email Link

You will receive an email notification one day after a Party, Luncheon or Guest Day opens for signups.

  • Click on Register Now in the Event’s box in the email message. 


Access Registration Form Via Events Calendar

After sign up opens for an event you can always go to and click on the Events Calendar. Then click on Signup or Cancel under the Event’s name in the Event Calendar to see its Registration Form.



Fill Out Guest Day Registration Form

Note: Registration Fees and any limits on # guests are included in the Registration Form Description.

  • Click on Submit Registration for Approval to begin the registration process.
  • Select your name and provide your MHCC Member # for validation.
  • If you are registering as a twosome, you can specify the name of another member with whom you want to be paired. If you don’t enter a name, the Guest Day Computer Chair will try to pair you with another member.
  • Click Add Another Member to My Team and then select her name from the drop-down list.  If her name is not in the list, she has already registered for the Guest Day.
  • Click Add Another Guest to My Team
  • Enter Guest information.
  • Continue to add guests until your Twosome or Foursome is complete
  • Check the Acknowledgement and Confirm boxes at the bottom of the form
  • Press Submit for Approval
  • You will receive an email confirmation with your name and the names of anyone else that you registered


Edit or Cancel your Submitted Registration Form

  • Go to and click on the Events Calendar
  • Click on Signup or Cancel under the Event’s name in the Event Calendar to see its Registration Form
  • If you need to change or cancel your registration
  • Click on Edit Registration


You will be taken to a page where you can change your registration information, or completely cancel the registration. For Guest Days, you can change each player’s information, or cancel part or all of your registration.