Sign Up for Weekly Play Day Rounds/Cancel Your Sign Up


Sign Up/Cancel by Email

During the Season you will receive an email invitation to sign up for each Weekly Play Day.


  • Click on Playing or Not Playing in the email to sign up/cancel


While signups are open, you can go to the website and use the Events Calendar link to a round to sign up/cancel.

You will always be emailed a confirmation email when you sign up or cancel.


Sign Up/Cancel Using Website Events Calendar

You can also use the website to sign up/cancel round play.

  • Go to and sign in
  • Click Events Calendar and select “Events Calendar All Events”
  • Click any round name in the Events Calendar to go to the Weekly Play Day League Portal
  • You will see all rounds that are open for signup
  • Rounds that you have not signed up to play in have a notation Accepting Signups and buttons for Signup or Cannot Play
  • If you are already signed up for a round, you will see a green You Are Signed Up notation and a Cancel Signup button.
  • Press the Sign Up button to sign up for an open round.
  • Press the Cancel Signup button to cancel your signup


Add Playing Partner(s)

If the Round allows you to sign up a playing partner, you will see a button and a link to sign up other player(s)

  • Click Sign up other Members
  • Select your playing partner’s name from the drop down box
  • If you do not see the player’s name in the drop down box it means that she is already signed up for this play day.
  • Click Save and Add Another Member to add more playing partners
  • Click Save when you have added all of your playing partners
  • Check Playing with Host so that you and all of the players that you sign up will be paired together as a team.
  • You, and each member that you sign up will receive a confirmation email.