Mission Hills Team 1 plays in the Women’s Desert Team Play Organization.  Over the years we have established ourselves as the “team to beat”.  WDTP Team members must have a handicap no higher than 25, be a member in good standing of MHCC and express their desire to join the team by signing up on the MHWGA website. 


Team 1 plays matches December thru February.


To be eligible, a player shall meet the following requirements:


1. Each team player must be a dues-paying or honorary golf club member of her Women's Golf Auxiliary and her name must appear on the October 1 handicap report for that club.  She must meet the individual requirements of her Women's Golf Club's association for team play.  This means you need to have joined the ladies club prior to September 14th in order to appear on the October 1st GHIN report with an established handicap through Millsion Hills Ladies Club. 


     a.  A team player must be an active member of a golf club either privately owned or equity club before October 1st.


     b.  A team player must have a REGULAR full membership in the women's golf club.  If residency in the golf club community is required, then the team player must show proof of residency either as a homeowner or meets the Homeowners Association Requirements as a leasing member with full club rights.  Trial or short term memebers shall not be eligible for team play.